Career Advice and CV Preparation

Your CV is the fundamental marketing tool used to make a compelling and lasting first impression. It is vital to produce a CV that reflects yourself accurately and positively. Your CV should be clear, concise and informative and be pertinent to an employer.


  • make your CV professional
  • use black font colour with a uniform font throughout
  • make your CV easy to read
  • display your contact details clearly
  • ensure that headings are clear and use bullet points
  • check spelling and grammar
  • explain any gaps in your career history
  • Include any voluntary or extra curricular activities you take part in, that are relevant to the job you are seeking (or that will highlight character traits that may appear attractive to a prospective employer)


  • use a narrow margin and tiny font – it is better that your CV is an extra page long if needed.
  • attach a photograph to your CV
  • include inappropriate personal information
  • focus too much on your interests and hobbies
  • exaggerate the truth about skills and experience
  • include details about remuneration


  • your CV should be defined and relevant to the position you are applying for
  • focus on your achievements and demonstrate where you have been proactive in past employment
  • state your involvement in projects and illustrate key responsibilities
  • highlight your skills and express your level of experience
  • emphasise your interpersonal and communication skills. Employers welcome effective team workers and motivated individuals

Aim to produce a CV that will stand out and impress!

ASH Elite have many years’ experience in producing CV’s that promote your skills and experience to great effect. For further assistance on producing your CV contact us today.