Information to Lawyers wishing to retrain

It can be the case that despite years of training to qualify as a Solicitor a burning desire to specialise in an area of law is not realised. The most common cause of this career disappointment is the acceptance of a Training Contract at a firm, which does not give the individual the chance to gain experience in their chosen area of law. Although hindsight is a wonderful thing, take this lesson as a warning to those who turn down Paralegal work for the sake of a Training Contract with a firm whose work types fall within an area of no interest simply to qualify as a Solicitor. Retraining once qualified is very difficult.

That said, it is not impossible to be retrained. The recruitment process may take a considerable time and you should be prepared for disappointments along the way. Remaining realistic is paramount. You cannot command the same salary retraining from Personal Injury into Employment as you could if retraining from Residential into Commercial Property. Linked subjects which have a common foundation are always going to be more of an option with an employer. Asking to be retrained into Corporate Finance from a background in Family is never going to be simple.