Brexit & the Legal Sector

Brexit & the Legal Sector

The UK’s recent decision to leave the European Union will undoubtedly impact our country’s legal sector. To reassure ASH Elite candidates, I am hoping to provide people who are looking to either progress their careers or enter the legal profession, with a useful insight into what we may expect in the coming months and years. As we know, keeping up-to-date with the ever-changing legal world is essential!

Right now legal experts will be entering an exceedingly busy period. Speaking to a number of professionals, many have been receiving inquiries from anxious clients trying to work out what the Brexit result will mean for their businesses. This has been highlighted in recent news, which has seen most major firms run 24-hour hotlines to deal with a massive influx in client demand. As a result, throughout the coming months, those entering legal careers will be expected to play a crucial role in offering ongoing reassurances to clients. In the longer term, it will also be up to all legal professionals to display a proactive approach and willingness to help clients navigate any programmes of legislative reform that may arise.

With a formal withdrawal from the EU not set to be completed for at least another two years, legal professionals are unlikely to see any significant changes whilst the government works out the detail of our exit deal. Even after this period, though the government has a greater ability to introduce change, they will be reluctant to undertake any drastic law reform. With, most businesses and individuals used to arranging themselves around existing laws. If those were to change dramatically and quickly, it could cause huge uncertainty. This is something which any post-Brexit Government would wish to avoid. A legal professional can, therefore, expect a lengthy exit process followed by small and gradual changes aimed at encouraging country-wide stability.

Looking to the future, there are plenty of reasons why both law students and those looking to progress in their legal careers should remain opportunistic. According to the Law Society, despite challenges, England and Wales will remain an attractive and stable jurisdiction, with high-quality legal services, that can count on internationally respected courts and the best law firms in the world.  This will mean we will continue to sustain a huge number of legal career opportunities.

Facing a gradual exit process, in the next few years, it is my belief that legal professionals should be keeping an eye out for any small changes that could potentially affect their area of expertise. In business, as usual, ASH Elite will continue to provide an exceptional recruitment and consultancy service that is dedicated to helping candidates find their ideal legal sector career.

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