Improving Prospects for Aspiring Legal Candidates

Improving Prospects for Aspiring Legal Candidates

Keeping a close eye on the legal profession I am pleased to see better opportunities for aspiring law candidates. Working as a specialist in legal sector recruitment, I have witnessed a recent push by Law firms and chambers, to diversify their workforces. Right now the sector is taking concrete steps to encourage more students from disadvantaged and underrepresented backgrounds to undertake legal careers.

Through my personal experience, I know that law careers can be highly competitive and that law students from less well-off backgrounds have, in the past, faced significant barriers. Firms and chambers have often recruited large numbers of students from just a small group of universities, where students are more likely to have attended private schools or come from relatively affluent backgrounds. Upcoming changes, however, are set to radically shake things up, opening up vast opportunities for ambitious legal professionals.

I am encouraged by the steps that a number of firms and chambers are currently undertaking to promote better opportunities. These include giving bias training to those on selection panels, to address concerns that they may only recruit people like themselves. They will also be introducing a wider range of scholarships at various stages of training. Providing an alternative route to interview for training contracts, scholarships will be awarded of up to £3,500 to cover study costs. Many firms will now also be offering alternative routes to qualifications, with more legal apprenticeships.

These will enable students to train at the same time as earning money, a move which will help ensure the selection processes is fair to applicants from as wide a range of backgrounds as possible. Providing the necessary assistance to men and women from underrepresented and less privileged backgrounds to enter the legal profession.

I am especially confident that these changes will promote the legal profession as a viable option for young people, encouraging more to apply for some of the excellent legal careers that are available. As a successful female businesswoman, I know that improving diversity will go a long way to benefit the sector, helping to ensure that innovative talent is drawn from a wider section of society. In my business, I have made it my mission to provide a service that is dedicated to matching top talent, regardless of their background, with employers, ensuring ASH Elite clients find the ‘perfect fit’ candidate for their placements. Offering my assistance at all stages of the career ladder, I will continue to ensure all ASH Elite candidates are given the best chance to succeed during their interview.

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