Legal Girl Power!! Celebrating Female Legal Professionals

Legal Girl Power!! Celebrating Female Legal Professionals

As both a legal recruitment specialist and businesswoman, I am pleased to be witnessing a rise in the number of female law professionals. New statistics reveal that the proportion of female solicitors in the UK will be greater than men by next year. The narrowing gender gap will have a significant impact on the legal sector, and I will be looking to help more women than ever into legal careers.

The added significance of these figures comes 93 years after the first woman was admitted as a solicitor in England and Wales. I am personally delighted with recently revealed statistics that two-thirds of practising solicitors under 35 are women. With the number of female law undergraduates and trainees also continuing to climb, the stage is set, after many years, for even greater balance in the legal sector.

There are, however, major areas that need to be improved, particularly within private practices. One in five female practice certificate-holders in private practices are partners, compared with over two in five men. We can, however, see that the number of female solicitors with practice certificates has grown by 4% in 2015, to over 65,000. With men accounting for 68,000, the gender disparity is gradually narrowing.

Contributing £25.7bn to the economy each year, it is clear that for the legal sector to continue to grow, more female talent will need to be fully utilised at all levels. The new figures show that women have significant opportunities to continue to balance out and be part of the expanding legal sector. At ASH Elite, I have made it my mission to provide a service that is dedicated to matching top talent with employers, helping both men and women to find ‘perfect fit’ careers.

To show my support to women, not only in law but in all professions, I am sponsoring the 2016 Dorset Venus Awards, Professional of the Year category. I am contacted daily by talented female legal professionals and am always amazed by the skill, knowledge and dedication that they display. My experience has inspired me to support the awards, which will celebrate the vital contribution that businesswomen make to the local, regional, and national economy. I look forward to meeting a host of talented female professionals from across the region. I know this is an excellent opportunity to get them the recognition that they deserve!

If you know a woman that deserves special recognition, you can nominate her for the Venus Awards at

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