Kick Start Your Legal Career

Kick Start Your Legal Career

We know better than most that law careers can be exceedingly worthwhile. Gaining the right skills, training and qualifications, however, can be a challenge. At ASH Elite we are eager to talk to ambitious individuals and discuss the alternative options that are open to those seeking careers in law.

Many will be familiar with the traditional university route, but did you know that legal apprenticeships offer an alternative route into the profession?

The major benefits associated with legal apprenticeships is that they allow you to train as a lawyer without breaking the bank. Without the large tuition fees and maintenance loans debts, legal apprenticeships are becoming an increasingly attractive option.

Giving you the ability to earn whilst you learn, they combine vocational study with paid, on-the-job training. To put this into perspective a young individual entering into a solicitor apprenticeship will be able to qualify as a solicitor within six to seven years of finishing their A levels. With the opportunity to gain a law degree and masters in the process the merits are undeniable!

What’s Available?

Having worked with many firms across Dorset, Hampshire, and Somerset we know that there are a huge number of law firms currently offering apprenticeships. Always on hand to point candidates in the right direction, there are also opportunities to work with public sector bodies, for example, county councils’ or within the legal teams of large commercial businesses.

Growing Opportunities!

Right now apprenticeship schemes are gaining ground across the country. Recently the Government announced a new apprenticeship levy making it compulsory for all firms and companies with a payroll of over £3 million to allocate funds for taking on and training new apprentices. Presenting excellent opportunities for young people this levy will come into effect in April 2017. This initiative will also mean that you can start your career as an apprentice with confidence that your employer will be committed to helping you to progress, ensuring you will be able to thrive in your new legal career.

Sofie Scott, Managing Director of ASH Elite comments:

“We are always pleased to highlight career opportunities to young and aspiring professionals. If you are unsure about following the traditional university route, then perhaps a legal apprenticeship is your way forward. We know there are still legal apprenticeship opportunities available this September. Ranging from solicitors, lawyers, to paralegal, secretarial and legal administration roles these apprenticeships are a great way to kick start your legal career without the student debt!