You don’t network? That should be illegal…

You don’t network? That should be illegal…

Talent, knowledge, and perseverance are all essential characteristics for a legal professional. However, a successful legal career more often than not hinges on an ability to win work through both formal and informal networking. Firms are, at the end of the day, businesses and employers will favour you if you reference this skill, with real world examples, in your CV.

Getting Started

First of all, the number of networking opportunities you may find yourself in are endless. Dedicated business events, conferences, talks, training courses and debates provide a rich seam of potential networking opportunities for prospective lawyers. Select a small handful of the most useful ones and stick with them.

Be Prepared

Being friendly and approachable is essential for all types of networking events. Remember to dress smartly, to make a good first impression and keep your business cards ready to hand.

Introducing Yourself

Whilst you may be confident in your knowledge of the law, introducing yourself at busy events can be a daunting prospect for the newly initiated legal professional. Make eye contact with people and follow a greeting with a firm handshake.

Quality Conversation

Garnering new business for your firm without being too ‘salesy’ can be a challenge. Our advice is to make a genuine connection with someone. Ask questions, be attentive and get to know them. Once this has been achieved talk to them about the legal services you can offer, using the rapport you have built to show how you can provide a service that will benefit them.

Follow Up

Don’t waste the contacts you make. Email people you meet at networking events and arrange a chat over coffee at your offices. This will help you to generate new leads and impress your employer when new work comes flooding in.

You don’t network? That should be illegal

If you found our advice useful, ASH Elite Director, Sofie Scott, will speak on why networking is a key component for developing a law career on the 27th October at Steele Raymond’s offices in Bournemouth.

Sofie Scott, Managing Director of ASH Elite comments:

“Legal professionals need to ensure they are making a positive and productive contribution to winning work for their firm. Networking is the best way to achieve this and I look forward to sharing my networking experiences, whilst also giving top tips to get newcomers started.’’

Young legal professionals can sign up to the event for free through this link: