Helping Students to Ace Interviews with Law Firms

Helping Students to Ace Interviews with Law Firms

I was honoured to recently be invited to work alongside Bournemouth University to help their Law students. The excellent opportunity provided by Bournemouth University enabled me to assist Legal Practice Course students on their Mock Assessment Day, to prepare them for their future legal careers. How could I say no!

All students were requested to submit an application form for a training contract with a fictional law firm. Representing this fictional law firm, I held realistic 20-minute mock interviews with the students. I then delivered 10-minute presentations, giving each student feedback on their interview performance. This included ways to improve first impressions and project confidence. This was followed by an explanation on what they can do to improve their applications, and questions students should be asking in interviews to impress potential employers, including ‘What are their career prospects?’ and ‘What are the firm’s objectives for the future?’

I was also able to help students by reviewing their CVs and provide expert advice on how to grab the attention of a law firm, how to tailor a CV, how to stand out from the crowd, and what firms look for when taking on graduates.

Since founding ASH Elite, 94.4% of all the candidates put forward for interview have been successfully offered a position. Having met many talented young individuals, it was a real pleasure to lend my expertise. I believe it is extremely important for students to gain the interview and CV writing skills they will need to find work placements and lead successful legal careers.

For any aspiring Law students, or anyone who may have an upcoming interview here are some of my top tips I shared on the day.

Top Tips:

  • Before writing a CV
    • Do plenty of research into the role and the firm, then when writing – highlight all the appropriate skills and work experience you have.
  • Before attending the interview –
    • Make notes about facts of the firm and learn them!
    • Ensure you know who you are meeting with, what their position within the firm is, and what they specialise in. If you can research any potential cases they have worked on, even better.
    • Prepare potential questions you can ask at the end of the interview.
  • At the start of the interview
    • Give a firm handshake, dress smart, and be positive.
  • During the interview
    • Stay alert, sit up in your chair and show you are interested.
    • Listen carefully to the questions asked, and answer them clearly and precisely.
    • Show confidence when discussing your strengths.
    • Identify weaknesses and discuss how you plan to overcome them.

For more interview tips, please visit the Elite Council ‘Guide to a Successful Interview’ page on the ASH Elite website here.